Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website

Hey guys welcome to my new website called In Pro Dev.  I just want to say “Hey”.  So where should I start my very first blog post?  First all I can say is this blog will be literally all over the place.

Nothing is out of bounds here or off subject. Literally….it’s my blog and i can talk about whatever I want to right?  I may even meander over into the realm of electronics from time to time.


Secondly I want to say that I will be giving mad props to companies that I have had good or great experiences with.  I will tell you exactly why I love them and I will post links to their product websites.


I will also tell you about negative experiences.  I have no problem talking about a product that went bad or the new release is a step down in quality. It is what it is and I’m here to talk about it all.


I will make a slight disclosure up front so as to be as transparent as possible.  I DO….and let me repeat I DO favor smaller companies over large manufacturers.  I feel like I normally get better service, better support, and better overall product from these types of businesses.


In addition, I like to support local, homegrown startups.  If it’s made in America (or even Canada) by two guys with awesome facial hair I will tend to gravitate toward those type of producers.


It doesn’t mean that i never buy or recommend anything built in a larger manufacturing operation or that i don’t buy things made in China.  It simply means I am more in favor of the local guys.


As you know I like the small mom and pops type startup guys.  This means that many of the things I and support are Kentucky made or kentucky proud products.


I’m a Kentuckian and there’s nothing Kentuckians have more than hometown or homegrown pride (can I get a GO CATS!).


So there you have it.  The foundation of what I will be posting on here for your viewing pleasure and entrainment.


These ideas and opinions on here are mine and are generated from my own personal use of the products and companies I’ve used over the years.  i don’t work for or represent ANY of them in ANY form or fashion.


You can be rest assured my opinions are genuine and in your best interest.


Please check back frequently for updates and posts to the blog.  I’ll be popping in pretty much whenever I feel compelled to write about something in particular.  Whether I’m pissed off or elated….you guys are going to hear about it.


Cheers!! I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you guys!!



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