So What’s the Point of This Blog?

So What’s the Point of This Blog?

So what’s the point of this blog you might ask? Well there really is no point. I’m just here to enjoy writing and telling you guys about the things I like to do and the things I do those things with.


Make sense? Good let’s move on then. I don’t necessarily want to speak about anything in particular. In fact, I will be all over the place with what I’m blogging about.


Hey I may very well talk about food. I also may talk about drinks. Those drinks may be of the adult nature or not. But for the most part what I do blog about are things that I consume on a regular basis.  They may be good for me or not?


What I recommend for me, may not necessarily be right for you. You may have certain health conditions that I don’t have.  So nothing on here is to be taken as health or supplement advice.  These are just simply the things i enjoy and have hand selected over time after years and YEARS of reading labels and information on food and drink additives.


This is by NO MEANS a health blog.  in fact, you will find more reference to activities than any sort of food or drink.  I may talk or blog about surfing one day and then kayaking the next day. Or I may talk about my son’s latest baseball bat and how it seems to be performing for him.


I may talk about gear, jackets, snowboards, snowboard bindings, paddles, kayaking skirts, surfboards, surf wax, snowboarding boots, basketballs, cargo roof racks, roof cargo boxes, cruiser bikes, surfboard leashes, snowboarding jackets, snowboarding helmets, snowboarding goggles, sunglasses, car or truck accessories, SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards), water shoes, life jackets, undergarments and insulate layers, gloves, sunscreen, chapstick or really anything that helps me to have fun under the sun!  if it’s something i find cool to tinker with, then you’re probably going to hear about it on here.


I’m not one to sit around on the couch and watch the world go by.  i’m a get out there and experience it kind of guy.  I don’t watch TV or movies unless they are an action adventure documentary or archive.  Classic surf films, snowboarding reels and kayaking videos are the closest i’ll ever to get reviewing a movie on here.


I’m not very crafty so very rarely will i ever blog about how to make something.  I’d rather press the easy button and have someone who has the patience and skill to actually construct whatever it is I’m using.


Talk about some goods and services that have been a pleasure to use over the years. I’ll also mention some things that have been utmost pain in the ass!


i do have my favorites when it comes to branding but i will not hesitate to knock those brands on an inferior product.  I will rant or rave and tell you my most intimate experiences with the goods i’ve tried over the years.


I’m a bonafide, self-proclaimed gear head and I LOVE looking at, talking about and utilizing good gear.


One thing I’ve realized over the years is that you usually get what you pay for.  Either in quality and/or service.  Don’t scrimp on price simply to try and get a deal.  I’ve found that it ends up costing you more in the long run. Especially if you place any value on your own TIME!


I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences with outdoor gear and apparel.  I truly try and provide an objective view without bias one way or the other.


If you like my blog please come back.  Feel free to leave comments at the bottom if you so wish.  Any Negative Nancys will be ignored and placed on my spammer list.


This site is strictly my opinion ONLY and should never be taken as professional advice.  In the end, it is all about personal experience and as we all know that can vary greatly and vastly depending on people and personality types.


Thanks for visiting and i look forward to sharing a lot of things with you guys over the next several years.




Live Well….Be Well



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